Solving Dependencies Using Homebrew and Perlbrew

This is a fast and simple method to install missing packages once you have installed Homebrew and Perlbrew.

If you already have installed the two packet managers then you can jump to step 3 immediately. If you don't, we briefly explain how to set up Homebrew in step 1 and Perlbrew in step 2.

You need to install a compiler and java prior to installing brew. See the corresponding sections of this manual.

1 Setting up Homebrew

We summarise the steps we use to install Homebrew on our test systems. If the following lines don't work on your Mac, or if you need more details, please consult the installation instructions on the Homebrew page.

Start a terminal (its in the Utilities subfolder of Applications). Then enter the following:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

This will print some information that you should approve by pressing Enter. If you haven't yet installed the command line tools of apple the a popup window will appear suggesting that you do so. The text in the window is slightly misleading, you don't need Xcode. Just select install. This will take a while. When it is finished, press another key to continue the installation of homebrew.

Once this is done type

brew doctor

in the terminal.

You should now have a running version of homebrew.

2 Installing Perlbrew

Again, the following commands work on our test systems. If you run into problems please consult the pages of Perlbrew for detailed and up to date installation instructions.

\curl -L | bash

This will take a while.

Afterwards to

echo "source ~/perl5/perlbrew/etc/bashrc" >> $HOME/.bash_profile
echo "export PERL5LIB=$HOME/perl5/lib/perl5:$HOME/perl5${PERL5LIB+:$PERL5LIB}" >> $HOME/.bash_profile
source $HOME/.bash_profile
perlbrew install-cpanm
cpanm --local-lib=~/perl5 local::lib && eval $(perl -I ~/perl5/lib/perl5/ -Mlocal::lib)
export ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64"

This should give you a working perl base in your home directory.

3 Solving dependencies

In a terminal do the following:

brew install gmp
brew install mpfr
brew install boost
brew install readline
brew install ant
brew install ppl
brew link --force readline
cpanm  --configure-args '--prefix=/usr/local' Term::ReadLine::Gnu
brew unlink readline
cpanm XML::LibXSLT

These commands should install all necessary software on your computer. You can now proceed with installing polymake.

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