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   * [[http://​​|MPFR library]] 3.0.0+ . Again both shared libraries and development stuff are required.   * [[http://​​|MPFR library]] 3.0.0+ . Again both shared libraries and development stuff are required.
 +==== Configuration of Version 2.9.8 ====
 +The next step after unpacking the tar ball is <​code>​make configure</​code>​. ​ polymake is **not** based on autoconf, it rather tries to gain as much information as possible from the system ''​perl''​ configuration;​ for the rest it will ask you.  The questions can be divided into three groups:
 +  - installation locations
 +  - C/C++ compiler choice and options
 +  - Java related stuff
 +The location chosen for the ''​polymake''​ start script should be one contained in your (and your colleagues'​) ''​PATH''​ . If you don't like this, you can later define a shell alias pointing to the start script. ​ Unlike old versions, there are no other executables in polymake that should be accessible via ''​PATH'',​ as the whole former clients have been transformed into library functions.
 +//Beware// that the directory which you build ''​polymake''​ in and the one which you want ''​polymake''​ to install to must be distinct and not contained in one another.
 +Having run ''​make configure''​ once, you get a new subtree ''​build.ARCH'',​ where ''​ARCH''​ is usually an abbreviation of your hardware platform as reported by ''​uname -m''​ .  There resides a file ''​conf.make''​ which can be manually edited, if necessary. ​ If you subsequently repeat the configuration step on several hardware platforms (e.g. 32-bit and 64-bit Intel/AMD CPU), polymake will reuse most of the answers given for the first platform as default settings.
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