Perpetual Beta

In order to let users benefit from recent changes: we introduce the perpetual beta. It does not have the quality of an actual release, since there are still some bug-fixes or features missing, which are planned for the next release. BUT still perpetual beta versions are stable and tested. So if you want to try some of the new features or want to benefit from the new bug-fixes, the perpetual beta is the right thing for you. Keep in mind that this is no release and some strange things may occur if you use many different polymake versions.

The new git betas are published via github:

You need a git client to use the perpetual beta. The changelog can be found in the github commit history. The reference documentation can be found here.

You can check it out to a new folder with:

git clone --branch Snapshots polymake-beta

To apply later updates change into the directory and just use the command: git pull.

Check the instructions on how to build polymake (Linux, Mac).

It might happen that you get some strange errors, when combining the perpetual beta version with other versions. You could try to delete the folders named like
~/.polymake/wrappers.N. If this doesn't work you can try and delete all your private polymake settings by removing the ~/.polymake folder.

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