polymake is open source software for research in polyhedral geometry. It deals with polytopes, polyhedra and fans as well as simplicial complexes, matroids, graphs, tropical hypersurfaces, and other objects. Supported platforms include various flavors of Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS.

polymake offers a C++ callable library, enabling you to use it from your C++ code directly.

Callable library wiki page
Software using our callable library

polymake provides interfaces to various mathematical software. It also supports an extension system, allowing users to write and maintain their additions to the polymake code outside the distribution.

Write your own extension!

polymake comes with its own dataformat and database interface to the polyDB. Additionally there exist a wide variety of other datasets that can be treated by polymake, but do not fit into the polyDB directly

polyDB wiki page
polyhedral data overview

polymake has been used for various scientific publications, and even is the subject of some.

polymake makes use of various external software packages.


If you are using polymake we would like to ask you to cite at least one of the following papers [BibTeX entries]:


We gratefully acknowledge partial support by DFG within the Priority Program 1489, SFB-TRR 109 and SFB-TRR 195. Research by M. Joswig is carried out in the framework of Matheon supported by Einstein Foundation Berlin.

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