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Binary packages for openSuSE 11, Fedora 9, and other compatible distributions: polymake-2.9.7-1.i586.rpm polymake-2.9.7-1.x86_64.rpm

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Packages for MacOS X (Fink)

Binary packages compiled on MacOS 10.5, Intel architecture: polymake-pm588_2.9.7-1_darwin-i386.deb polymake_2.9.7-1_darwin-i386.deb

The alpha release is not submitted to the Fink repository. Please download these packages and install them with sudo dpkg -i. Prior to the installation please enable the unstable tree in your Fink configuration and execute fink scanpackages, otherwise some packages required for polymake would not be found.

The following should be published on news once the release is published:

The next alpha release. ⇒ download

application "matroid"

The application has now basic functionallity like computations between CIRCUITS, COCIRCUITS, and BASES of a matroid and constructing graphical matroids.

object PointConfiguration

The application “polytope” has a new object PointConfiguration that allows to deal also with non-convex point configurations. In particular, one can now deal with triangulations of point configurations without having to rely on TRIANGULATION_INT, and a visualization of point configurations and their triangulations is possible.

Lattice Polytopes

Most methods in polymake dealing with lattice polytopes assume that the polytope is full-dimensional in the integer lattice. Two new methods transform a given lattice polytope into a full-dimensional lattice polytope either using the induced integer lattice or the lattice spanned by the vertices.

There are several new constructions that return lattice polytopes: pyramids, bipyramids, transportation polytopes, and cayley polytopes.

Lattice isomorphism for smooth polytopes can be checked.


Known Shortcomings

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