Release 2.13

Release date: April 4th 2014.

  • new application ideal with an interface to singular (4.x.x)
  • new application fulton for normal toric varieties
  • quadratic field extensions and exact representations of Platonic solids (and others)
  • new bundled extension for libnormaliz
  • new interface to ppl
  • additional symmetric convex hull implementations via sympol
  • new rule to test regularity of a complete fan
  • visualization: saving the view point
  • visualization via sketch: new option Scale, can now do VertexLabels and individual colors per vertex or facet
  • new formatting_filter for numbered/labeled array types
  • fast loading of gzipped XML files
  • further modularization via bundled extensions
  • enhanced extension management: dependences, credits, reconfiguration
  • experimental version of PolyViewer (?)
  • partial refactoring in application tropical (to be continued)
  • refactoring of heuristic methods in application topaz (e.g., for sphere recognition)
  • discontinued support for legacy versions of gcc and perl (gcc 4.2/perl 5.10 or higher needed)
  • create_24_cell replaced by regular_24_cell from general Wythoff construction (now comes with the group)
  • eliminate_denominators (for type Matrix) renamed to eliminate_denominators_in_rows; reason: avoid confusion with new function eliminate_denominators_entire with same signature; eliminate_denominators for type Vector unchanged
  • visualization: Sketch-Output has a different papersize, so you don't need to scroll down anymore
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