Release 2.14r1

Release date: September 22nd, 2015


– general –

  • support for perl 5.22
  • fix for gcc-5.x
  • fix rare build issues
  • fixes and improvements in TAB-completion and F1-help
  • merge github pull 2 (fix -Werror=format-security issues)
  • various other bug fixes

– polytope –

  • several fixes in minkowski_sum_fukuda

– visualization –

  • update to jogl to fix issues on intel graphics

Release 2.14

Release date: March 4th 2015


– General –

  • support for perl 5.20
  • support for MacOS 10.10 (Bundle)
  • utf-8 encoding for java build recipes (merges github pull request 1)
  • libpolymake improvements
  • fixed equal_bases (thanks to ChoF @polymake-forum)
  • new client for hadamard product of matrices
  • many minor bugfixes and improvements
  • documentation improvements
  • substantial further modularization of configuration and installation

– fan –

  • new client for product of fans
  • new client for mixed subidivions
  • proper handling of empty and trivial fans

– graph –

  • new client for Johnson graphs
  • new client for the complement of graphs

– group –

  • new client for converting action on columns to action on rows

– matroid –

  • new properties for matroids
  • renaming of some properties (e.g. POINTS is now called VECTORS)
  • lattice of flats
  • improvements on basis exchange test
  • new client for direct and 2-sum
  • new client for parallel and series extensions
  • new client for lexicographic extensions
  • new client for modular cut check
  • computation of circuits via 4ti2

– polytope –

  • added vector configurations
  • lp2poly returns a polytope with rational coordinates by default instead of float coordinates
  • new client for cayley embeddings
  • new client for regular simplex and fano simplex
  • new client for weighted digraph polyhedron
  • new client for archimedian solids
  • new client for quotient of triangulations
  • new client for del Pezzo and pseudo del Pezzo polytopes
  • corrected handling of COORDINATE_LABELS in print_constraints
  • added flag for computing the outer normal cone
  • added combinatorial versions of product and join
  • added E6 and E7 to wythoff client
  • new script for converting boolean circuits to polytopes
  • new script 'analyze_this'. Creates a .tex file with basic information about a polytope

– topaz –

  • new client for calculating a P-Sum-Triangulation
  • new client for independence complex of a matroid

– tropical –

  • new coordinate type TropicalNumber

– visualization –

  • new visualization backend: ThreeJS (view in browser)
  • improvements in TikZ and Sketch interfaces
  • TikZ supports face lattices (it is the new default)
  • visualization for unbounded polyhedra
  • fixes in fan visualization

– interfaces –

  • singular interface:
    • compatibility
    • support for more term orders
  • libnormaliz interface updated to v2.12.2
  • TOSimplex: OpenMP support and other improvements
  • interfaces of cdd and lrs:
    • moved to bundled extensions
    • support for external cdd and lrs installations
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