Polymake 3.1

Release date March 28th, 2017

– distribution –

  • polymake now requires C++ 14 to compile, in particular we need gcc >= 5 or clang >= 3.4 and perl >= 5.16.
  • support for perl 5.24.
  • fix endianness issue and update struct magic_state (thanks Jerry James)
  • support for gcc 6 and clang up to 4.0.
  • workaround for compile error under clang 3.8 / xcode 7.3.
  • fix incompatibility of the Integer type with libnormaliz on 32bit platforms.
  • fix several other minor compilation issues.
  • ship test-driver to allow example-code to be tested in the distribution
  • boost is now required for the polymake core (for permlib)
  • perl module Term-ReadKey is now a requirement

– interfaces –

  • include beta jupyter-polymake kernel (thanks: Sebastian Gutsche)
  • include nauty interface in minimal tarball.
  • warn when neither bliss nor nauty are enabled.
  • polydb interface is now in the polymake core
  • updated bundled permlib to 0.2.9
  • improved interfaces for permlib and sympol:
    • both have (experimental) support for using non-bundled installations
    • permlib is now a core requirement
    • bundled:group disbanded into bundled:sympol / core functionality
    • bundled permlib headers are now installed with polymake unless external permlib is used
  • improved handling of matrices with zero cols xor zero rows in convex hull interfaces
  • improved singular configuration to support pkg-config (e.g. on Ubuntu)

– general –

  • polymake can now generate xml schemes and validate the data files against those
  • completely refactored Polynomial related data types:
    • rings are now uniquely identified by coefficient type, exponent type and number of variables
    • variable names are only used for pretty printing and parsing (and can be customized)
    • improved parser for polynomials
    • types Monomial, Term and Ring are gone
  • improved visualization with graphviz and ThreeJS.
  • new and improved visualization client svg.
  • basic support for output of 3-polytopes in STL file format (common in 3d printing).
  • new mechanism for “twin” properties (such as Matroid.DUAL).
  • many more example code fragments, in particular for construction of big object types.
  • improvements for map and set types:
    1. only accept ordered types as keys / elements
  • various bugfixes and code optimizations.
  • fixes for find_permutation with unordered types
  • fixes for the TikZ visualization:
    • for drawing PointConfigurations.
    • for drawing lattice points in polytopes.
    • for drawing subobjects
  • fixes in singular value decomposition

– fan –

  • new big object types SubdivisionOfPoints and SubdivisionOfVectors.
  • new subobject SubdivisionOfPoints.TIGHT_SPAN with method VISUAL_METRIC_TIGHT_SPAN for metric tight spans.
  • new functions metric_extended_tight_span and metric_tight_span
  • new client to compute the k-skeleton of a fan
  • secondary_cone is now a method of SubdivisionOfVectors.
  • improved heuristics for planar nets of 3-polytopes.
  • improved visualization for fans
  • fix in regularity client (thanks: Sebastian Gutsche).
  • another fix in regularity client.
  • fixed issues with empty matrices

– graph –

  • completely rewritten and modularized Hasse diagram data types and functions
  • new client all_spanningtrees, which finds all spanning trees in a connected graph.
  • new properties for bi-,weak and strong connectedness of a (directed) graph.
  • new property EIGENVALUES_LAPLACIAN, containing the eigenvalues of the discrete Laplacian of a graph.
  • new client for graph homomorphisms
  • fixes in hungarian method and tropical::tdet

– group –

  • major refactoring of symmetries on objects:
    • new big object types Action, PermutationAction, PermutationActionOnSets, ImplicitActionOnSet, MatrixGroupActionOnVector.
    • objects with symmetries now contain multiple subobjects of type Group, which in turn can contain different kinds of Actions as properties.
  • boost_dynamic_bitset replaced with polymake Bitset

– ideal –

  • new client pluecker_ideal, computing the Plücker ideal of the Grassmannian.
  • new property INITIAL_FORMS in Ideal.

– matroid –

  • refactoring of dual matroids:
    • each matroid has a twin property DUAL, which is a matroid again.
    • there are various rules, which compute properties in a matroid from its dual.
  • new big object type ValuatedMatroid.
  • various clients for matroid operations: various lifts and extensions, truncation, union, intersection.
  • replaced client “oxley_matroids” by client “special_matroids”, where matroids can be selected by name.
  • matroids can now be defined via their flats or cyclic flats.

– polytope –

  • updated bundled extension libnormaliz to version 3.1.3.
  • new properties in Polytope for excess vertex and facet degree.
  • new client face to create Polytope from a face of a polytope
  • new visualization for cones
  • revived OrbitPolytope type as object specialization PointOrbit
  • improved handling of matrices with zero cols xor zero rows
  • improved initial rules for polytopes and cones
  • improved computation of separating hyperplanes, which allows for weak separation as well.
  • improved computation of whether a point lies in (the interior of) a polytope. In particular, this works now for generic polytopes, not just over the rationals.
  • removed Object TightSpan. Functionality is now in fan:
    • moved functions min_metric, max_metric, thrackle_metric into application fan.
    • splitstree is moved to fan as a userfunction
  • fix for degenerate hypersimplices (thanks: Charles Wang).
  • fixes for solving LPs with lineality
  • fixes in TOPCOM interface.
  • fixed loading of old data files with OrbitPolytope and SymmetricPolytope

– topaz –

  • homology can be computed for arbitrary chaincomplexes, represented by their boundary matrices.
  • new clients for computing Vietoris-Rips complexes and filtrations.
  • new client for computing persistent homology, both over arbitrary fields and the integers.
  • new function to compute boundary matrices of simplicial complexes
  • new function to compute betti numbers of chaincomplexes and simplicial complexes
  • added property VERTEX_MAP for subcomplexes (e.g. BOUNDARY)
  • various fixes and improvements regarding subcomplexes

– tropical –

  • renamed tropical::Cone to tropical::Polytope.
  • new clients for tropical distance, perimeter, Cramer's rule and variants of the determinant.
  • new clients for computing the star of a cycle in bundled extension atint.
  • new big object type MatroidRingCycle in bundled extension atint, which represents linear combinations of matroid fans.
  • new client for computing tropical linear spaces of arbitrary valuated matroids.
  • refactoring of function linear_space
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