Polymake 3.3

Release dates:

  • 3.3: February 12th, 2019

– distribution –

  • C++ wrappers refactored into json format
    • requires perl JSON module
  • Add option –with-ccache for using ccache when building polymake
  • Mac OS X
    • removed fink as the default package manager
    • included support for the brew package manager
    • improve JuPyMake support
  • support for clang 6, 7 and gcc 8
  • support for java 10
  • adapt to changes in boost 1.67
  • improvements in java build/install process
  • improve callable library file structure
  • include INSTALL and COPYING in tarball again
  • fix JuPyMake installation for python3 older than 3.5
  • several improvements for polymake-in-container

– interfaces –

  • SCIP: Add interface for solving mixed integer linear programs
  • TOSimplex: Add interface for computing lattice points
  • soplex: Use soplex from SCIP, if available
  • mptopcom: Add interface for computing triangulations of point configurations, optionally with group action
  • TOPCOM: If mptopcom.rules is configured, topcom.rules can inherit from this
  • normaliz interface: two minor fixes, added support for EHRHART_QUASI_POLYNOMIAL, update normaliz version
  • support for lrslib 070

– general –

  • threejs is the default viewer if jreality is not configured
  • add x3d visualization (e.g. via blender)
  • matrix comparison is stricter now
  • various bug fixes

– graph –

  • fix edge number of permuted graphs

– fulton –

  • Migrate remaining code from Andreas Paffenholz to core. Add tests and bugfixes

– group –

  • Add small object SwitchTable, used for finding lex-optimal vectors in orbits under permutation action
  • Add property SWITCH_TABLE to PermutationAction

– polytope –

  • Add Billera-Lee construction for polytopes
  • Add property MILP to Polytope for mixed integer linear programs
  • Refactor covex hull solvers, introduce generic methods enumerate_facets and enumerate_vertices
  • Refactor LP solvers to generic interface
  • Add mptopcom.rules for interfacing mptopcom
  • vertex_figure: correct intermediate LP
  • Cone-VISUAL: fix incidences
  • tensor: dont compare example output (order depends on cdd version)
  • Introduce property EHRHART_POLYNOMIAL of type UniPolynomial<Rational, Int>
  • Change property EHRHART_POLYNOMIAL_COEFF into a user_method

– tropical –

  • atint: Methods returning perl arrays for lines in tropical cubics now return BigObjectarrays
  • add tropical real hypersurfaces with geometrical realization method
  • improve implementations around tropical determinant
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