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          </​a>​          </​a>​
       </​div>​       </​div>​
 +   </​div>​
 +   <​div class="​light">​
 +      <​center><​h3>​Join us at the upcoming polymake workshop at TU Berlin!</​h3>​
 +We hold a yearly conference at TU Berlin, with workshops for beginners as well as advanced users. Here you can meet the team and other users, discuss your projects, and learn about research done with polymake. Most of the developers will be present and happy to answer questions and give assistance with software troubles at the help desk. If you're interested in polymake, drop by!
 +         <a href="/​doku.php/​workshops/​start">​Attend the next polymake workshop</​a><​br>​
 +      </​center>​
    </​div>​    </​div>​
 +      <hr>
    <​div class="​light">​    <​div class="​light">​
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          <a href="//​​forum.polymake.org">​Visit our forum</​a><​br>​          <a href="//​​forum.polymake.org">​Visit our forum</​a><​br>​
          <a href="//​forum.polymake.org/​viewforum.php?​f=13">​Subscribe to the news forum</​a><​br>​          <a href="//​forum.polymake.org/​viewforum.php?​f=13">​Subscribe to the news forum</​a><​br>​
 +         <a href="/​doku.php/​workshops/​start">​Attend the next polymake workshop</​a><​br>​
          <a href="/​doku.php/​team">​Contact the polymake team</​a><​br>​          <a href="/​doku.php/​team">​Contact the polymake team</​a><​br>​
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