polymake: index

This table contains all entities available in polymake in alphabetical order.

For everything listed, the name, the type (i.e., one of object, property, function, property-type, application, option, common-option-list or permutation), the corresponding application and, for properties and user-methods the object or property-type which they belong to are given.

Name Type Object or Property-Type Application
ABSTRACT_OBJECTIVE property LinearProgram polytope
add_edge function Graph common
add_node function Graph common
ADJACENCY property Graph graph
adjacency_matrix function common
adjacent_nodes function Graph common
AFFINE property NormalToricVariety fulton
AffineLattice object polytope
AffineNormalToricVariety object fulton
affine_float_coords function polytope
AFFINE_HULL property Polytope polytope
AFFINE_HULL property PointConfiguration polytope
AFFINE_HULL property PolyhedralComplex fan
alexander_dual function topaz
all_edges function Graph common
all_group_elements function group
all_permutations function common
all_rows_or_cols property-type common
all_steiner_points function polytope
ALPHA_LATTICE property VersalComponent fulton
alternating_group function polytope
alternating_group function group
ALTSHULER_DET property Polytope polytope
AMBIENT_DIM function Cone polytope
AMBIENT_DIM function Polytope polytope
AMBIENT_DIM property PointConfiguration polytope
AMBIENT_DIM function SymmetricPolytope polytope
AMBIENT_DIM function PolyhedralFan fan
AMBIENT_DIM function PolyhedralComplex fan
AMBIENT_DIM property TropicalPolytope tropical
ambient_lattice_normalization function polytope
AMPLE property TDivisor fulton
anti_diag function common
anti_diag function common
anti_diagonal function Matrix common
application function core
apply($) function Core::RuleChain common
apply_rule function Core::Object common
apropos function core
are_in_same_orbit function group
Array property-type common
ARRAY property-type common
ArrowStyle option Visual::Lattice::decorations graph
associahedron function polytope
AtomLabels option Visual::Lattice::decorations graph
automorphisms function graph
automorphisms function graph
automorphisms function graph
average function common
AVERAGE_DEGREE property Graph<Undirected> graph
BALANCE property Polytope polytope
BALANCED property Polytope polytope
BALL property SimplicialComplex topaz
ball function topaz
ball_lifting_lp function polytope
BARYCENTER property PointConfiguration polytope
barycentric_subdivision function polytope
barycentric_subdivision function polytope
barycentric_subdivision function topaz
BASE property Group group
BASEPOINT_FREE property TDivisor fulton
BASES property Matroid matroid
BASIS property AffineLattice polytope
BASIS property GroebnerBasis polytope
BASIS property Groebner ideal
basis function common
basis_affine function common
basis_cols function common
basis_rows function common
BINARY property Matroid matroid
binary_markov_graph function polytope
binary_markov_graph function polytope
BINARY_POINTS property Matroid matroid
binomial function common
BIPARTITE function SimplicialComplex topaz
BIPARTITE property Graph<Undirected> graph
bipyramid function polytope
birkhoff function polytope
bistellar_simplification function topaz
blending function polytope
Bool property-type common
boost_dynamic_bitset property-type common
bottom_node function FaceLattice graph
bound function polytope
BOUNDARY property Cone polytope
BOUNDARY property PointConfiguration polytope
BOUNDARY property SimplicialComplex topaz
BOUNDARY_LATTICE_POINTS property Polytope<Rational> polytope
BOUNDED property Polytope polytope
BOUNDED property PointConfiguration polytope
BOUNDED property PolyhedralComplex fan
BOUNDED_COMPLEX property Polytope polytope
BOUNDED_DUAL_GRAPH function Polytope polytope
BOUNDED_FACETS function Polytope polytope
BOUNDED_GRAPH function Polytope polytope
BOUNDED_HASSE_DIAGRAM function Polytope polytope
BOUNDED_VERTICES function Polytope polytope
BoundingBox option geometric_options polytope
bounding_box function polytope
bounding_box function common
BOUNDING_BOX property GeometricGraph graph
bs2quotient function topaz
CANONICAL property LatticePolytope polytope
cap_product function topaz
CARTIER property TDivisor fulton
CARTIER_DATA property TDivisor fulton
cast function common
cayley_embedding function polytope
cayley_polytope function polytope
CD_INDEX function Polytope polytope
CD_INDEX_COEFFICIENTS property Polytope polytope
ceil function common
cells_from_subdivision function polytope
cell_from_subdivision function polytope
center function polytope
CENTERED property Polytope polytope
CENTERED_ZONOTOPE property Polytope polytope
CENTRALLY_SYMMETRIC property Polytope polytope
CENTROID property Polytope polytope
cf2rational function fulton
ch2d_3phases function tropical
check_fan function fan
check_fan_objects function fan
check_inc function polytope
check_matroid function matroid
check_minimality function tropical
check_poly function polytope
CHIROTOPE property Polytope polytope
CHIROTOPE property PointConfiguration polytope
CIRCUITS property PointConfiguration polytope
CIRCUITS property Matroid matroid
clip_graph function graph
clique_complex function topaz
CLOSED_PSEUDO_MANIFOLD property SimplicialComplex topaz
coarse_types function tropical
COCIRCUITS property PointConfiguration polytope
COCIRCUITS property Matroid matroid
COCIRCUIT_EQUATIONS property Cone polytope
COCIRCUIT_EQUATIONS property PointConfiguration polytope
COCIRCUIT_EQUATIONS property QuotientSpace polytope
cocircuit_equations function polytope
COCUBICAL property Polytope polytope
COCUBICALITY property Polytope polytope
COCYCLES property SimplicialComplex topaz
COEFFICIENTS property TDivisor fulton
COEFFICIENTS property Hypersurface tropical
coefficients_as_vector function Polynomial common
coherency_index function polytope
coherency_index function polytope
coherency_index function polytope
COHERENT_SPLITS property TightSpan polytope
COHOMOLOGY property SimplicialComplex topaz
col function Matrix common
col function IncidenceMatrix common
COLOOPS property Matroid matroid
colored_ball_from_colored_sphere function topaz
COLORING property SimplicialComplex topaz
COLORING property SimplicialComplex topaz
cols function Matrix common
cols function IncidenceMatrix common
cols function common
cols function common
COMBINATORIAL_DIM property Cone polytope
COMBINATORIAL_DIM property PolyhedralFan fan
combinatorial_symmetries function polytope
common application common
common_refinement function polytope
common_refinement function polytope
common_refinement function fan
COMPLETE property PolyhedralFan fan
complete function graph
complete_bipartite function graph
COMPLEXITY property Polytope polytope
compose function common
compose function common
COMPRESSED property LatticePolytope polytope
concat_rows function common
Cone object polytope
cone function topaz
cone function PolyhedralFan fan
Cone<Float> object polytope
Cone<Rational> object polytope
CONES property PolyhedralFan fan
ConesPerm permutation PolyhedralFan fan
CONES_ORBIT_SIZES property SymmetricFan fan
CONES_REPS property SymmetricFan fan
CONE_AMBIENT_DIM property Cone polytope
CONE_AMBIENT_DIM property Polytope polytope
CONE_DIM property Cone polytope
CONE_DIM property Polytope polytope
cone_representative function SymmetricFan fan
congruent function polytope
CONNECTED function SimplicialComplex topaz
CONNECTED property Graph graph
CONNECTED_COMPONENTS function SimplicialComplex topaz
CONNECTED_COMPONENTS property Graph graph
connected_sum function topaz
CONNECTIVITY function Cone polytope
CONNECTIVITY function SimplicialComplex topaz
CONNECTIVITY property Graph<Undirected> graph
connectivity function graph
constructible_n_gon function polytope
CONSTRUCTION function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
contains function Polytope polytope
contains_in_interior function Polytope polytope
CONTINUED_FRACTION property CyclicQuotient fulton
CONTINUED_FRACTION property VersalComponent fulton
contraction function matroid
contract_edge function Graph common
conv function polytope
convert_coord_action function polytope
convert_group_domain function polytope
convert_to function polytope
convert_to function polytope
convert_to function common
convert_to function common
convert_to function common
CONVEX property PointConfiguration polytope
CONVEX property PolyhedralComplex fan
CONVEX_HULL property PointConfiguration polytope
CONVEX_HULL_2D_CYCLIC property TropicalPolytope tropical
Coord option Visual::Graph::decorations graph
COORDINATES property GeometricSimplicialComplex topaz
coordinates function Plucker common
COORDINATES property GeometricGraph graph
COORDINATES_IN_ORBITS property GroupOfCone group
COORDINATE_LABELS property Cone polytope
core application core
Core::Object object common
Core::RuleChain object common
core_point_algo function polytope
core_point_algo_Rote function polytope
cornered_hull function tropical
cornered_hull_poly function tropical
coxeter_group function polytope
CP_INDICES property OrbitPolytope polytope
CQS_MATRIX property VersalComponent fulton
cross function polytope
crosscut_complex function polytope
CRUST_GRAPH property VoronoiDiagram polytope
CS_PERMUTATION property Polytope polytope
cs_quotient function polytope
cube function polytope
cube_complex function topaz
CUBICAL property Polytope polytope
CUBICALITY property Polytope polytope
CUBICAL_H_VECTOR property Polytope polytope
cuboctahedron function polytope
cut_polytope function polytope
CycleGroup property-type topaz
CYCLES property SimplicialComplex topaz
cycle_graph function graph
cyclic function polytope
cyclic function tropical
CyclicQuotient object fulton
cyclic_caratheodory function polytope
cyclic_group function polytope
cyclic_group function group
cylinder_2 function polytope
deg function UniPolynomial common
DEGENERATE property NormalToricVariety fulton
DEGREE property Group group
DEGREE property Hypersurface tropical
degree function Graph common
DEGREE_ONE_GENERATORS property Cone<Rational> polytope
DEGREE_SEQUENCE property Graph<Undirected> graph
degree_sequence function graph
DELAUNAY_GRAPH property VoronoiDiagram polytope
DELAUNAY_TRIANGULATION property VoronoiDiagram polytope
delaunay_triangulation function polytope
delete_all_edges function Graph common
delete_edge function Graph common
delete_edge function Graph common
delete_node function Graph common
deletion function topaz
deletion function matroid
denominator function common
denominator function common
dense function common
dense function common
dense function common
dense function common
dense function common
dense function common
DEPTH property Ideal ideal
det function common
diag function common
diag function common
diagonal function Matrix common
DIAMETER function Cone polytope
DIAMETER property Graph graph
dihedral_angle function polytope
DIM function Cone polytope
DIM function Polytope polytope
DIM property PointConfiguration polytope
DIM function SymmetricPolytope polytope
DIM property QuotientSpace polytope
DIM property SimplicialComplex topaz
DIM property Ideal ideal
DIM function PolyhedralFan fan
DIM function PolyhedralComplex fan
DIM property Hypersurface tropical
dim function Graph common
dim function Vector common
dim function FaceLattice graph
DIMENSION property VersalComponent fulton
DIMS property FaceLattice graph
Directed property-type common
DirectedMulti property-type common
DIRECTED_BOUNDED_GRAPH property LinearProgram polytope
DIRECTED_GRAPH function Visual::Polytope polytope
DIRECTED_GRAPH function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
DIRECTED_GRAPH function Visual::PolytopeGraph polytope
DIRECTED_GRAPH property LinearProgram polytope
disable_rules function Core::Object common
disable_rules function core
discard_non_vertices function tropical
disjoint_union function topaz
Div property-type common
div function common
DIVISOR property NormalToricVariety fulton
div_exact function Vector common
div_exact function Matrix common
div_exact function common
dodecahedron function polytope
DOMAIN property GroupOfCone group
DOME property Hypersurface tropical
dont_save function Core::Object common
dual function matroid
dualize function tropical
DUAL_BIPARTITE function SimplicialComplex topaz
DUAL_BOUNDED_H_VECTOR property Polytope polytope
DUAL_CONNECTED function SimplicialComplex topaz
DUAL_CONNECTED_COMPONENTS function SimplicialComplex topaz
DUAL_CONNECTIVITY function Cone polytope
DUAL_CONNECTIVITY function SimplicialComplex topaz
DUAL_CONTINUED_FRACTION property CyclicQuotient fulton
DUAL_DIAMETER function Cone polytope
DUAL_EVEN function Cone polytope
DUAL_GRAPH property Cone polytope
DUAL_GRAPH property SimplicialComplex topaz
DUAL_GRAPH property PolyhedralFan fan
DUAL_GRAPH_SIGNATURE function Cone polytope
DUAL_GRAPH_SIGNATURE function SimplicialComplex topaz
DUAL_H_VECTOR property Polytope polytope
dual_linear_program function polytope
DUAL_MAX_CLIQUES function SimplicialComplex topaz
DUAL_TRIANGLE_FREE function Cone polytope
dwarfed_cube function polytope
dwarfed_product_polygons function polytope
edge function Graph common
EdgeColor option Visual::Wire::decorations common
EdgeColor option Visual::Polygon::decorations common
EdgeColor option Visual::Polygons::decorations common
EdgeHashMap property-type common
EdgeIterator property-type common
EdgeLabels option Visual::Wire::decorations common
EdgeList property-type common
EdgeMap property-type common
edges function Graph common
edges function common
EDGES function Graph graph
EdgeStyle option Visual::Wire::decorations common
EdgeStyle option Visual::Polygon::decorations common
EdgeStyle option Visual::Polygons::decorations common
EdgeThickness option Visual::Wire::decorations common
EdgeThickness option Visual::Polygon::decorations common
EdgeThickness option Visual::Polygons::decorations common
EdgeWeightedGraph object graph
EDGE_COLORS function Visual::PolytopeGraph polytope
EDGE_COLORS property Polytope polytope
edge_contraction function topaz
EDGE_DIRECTIONS property Polytope polytope
EDGE_DIRECTIONS property Polytope polytope
edge_exists function Graph common
EDGE_LENGTHS property Polytope polytope
edge_lengths function graph
edge_middle function polytope
EDGE_ORIENTABLE property Polytope polytope
edge_orientable function polytope
EDGE_ORIENTATION property Polytope polytope
EDGE_WEIGHTS property EdgeWeightedGraph graph
EFFECTIVE property TDivisor fulton
EFFECTIVE_CONE property NormalToricVariety fulton
EHRHART_POLYNOMIAL_COEFF property LatticePolytope polytope
eliminate_denominators function common
eliminate_denominators_entire function common
eliminate_denominators_entire_affine function common
eliminate_denominators_in_rows function common
ENVELOPE property TropicalPolytope tropical
EPSILON property Cone<Float> polytope
equal_bases function common
equal_polyhedra function polytope
EQUATIONS property Cone polytope
ESSENTIALLY_GENERIC property Cone polytope
EULER_CHARACTERISTIC property SimplicialComplex topaz
evaluate function tropical
evaluate function tropical
EVEN function Cone polytope
explicit_zonotope function polytope
export_configured function core
extend_application function core
ExtGCD property-type common
extract_pseudovertices function tropical
ext_gcd function common
F2_VECTOR property Cone polytope
F2_VECTOR property Polytope polytope
F2_VECTOR property SimplicialComplex topaz
F2_VECTOR property PolyhedralFan fan
fac function common
FaceLattice object graph
FACES property QuotientSpace polytope
FACES function Visual::SimplicialComplex topaz
FACES function Visual::SimplicialComplexLattice topaz
FACES property FaceLattice graph
FACET option schlegel_init polytope
FACET property SchlegelDiagram polytope
facet function polytope
FacetColor option Visual::Polygon::decorations common
FacetColor option Visual::Polygons::decorations common
FacetLabels option Visual::Polygons::decorations common
FacetList property-type common
FacetPerm permutation Cone polytope
FacetPerm permutation SimplicialComplex topaz
FACETS property Cone polytope
FACETS property SimplicialComplex topaz
FacetStyle option Visual::Polygon::decorations common
FacetStyle option Visual::Polygons::decorations common
FACETS_IN_ORBITS property GroupOfCone group
FACETS_THRU_INPUT_RAYS property Cone polytope
FACETS_THRU_POINTS property Polytope polytope
FACETS_THRU_RAYS property Cone polytope
FACETS_THRU_VERTICES property Polytope polytope
FacetTransparency option Visual::Polygon::decorations common
FacetTransparency option Visual::Polygons::decorations common
FACET_DEGREES function Cone polytope
FACET_LABELS property Cone polytope
FACET_LABELS property Polytope polytope
FACET_NORMALS property PolyhedralFan fan
FACET_POINT option schlegel_init polytope
FACET_POINT property SchlegelDiagram polytope
FACET_POINT_LATTICE_DISTANCES function LatticePolytope polytope
FACET_SIZES property Cone polytope
facet_to_infinity function polytope
FACET_TRIANGULATIONS property Cone polytope
FACET_TRIANGULATIONS property PointConfiguration polytope
FACET_VERTEX_LATTICE_DISTANCES property LatticePolytope polytope
FACET_WIDTH property LatticePolytope polytope
FACET_WIDTHS property LatticePolytope polytope
face_fan function fan
face_fan function fan
FACE_ORBITS property QuotientSpace polytope
FACE_SIMPLICITY property Polytope polytope
fan application fan
FANO property NormalToricVariety fulton
fano_matroid function matroid
FAN_AMBIENT_DIM property PolyhedralFan fan
FAN_DIM property PolyhedralFan fan
FAR_FACE property Polytope polytope
FAR_HYPERPLANE property Polytope polytope
FAR_POINTS property PointConfiguration polytope
FAR_VERTICES property PolyhedralComplex fan
FATNESS property Polytope polytope
FEASIBLE property Polytope polytope
fibonacci function common
find_facet_vertex_permutations function polytope
find_facet_vertex_permutations function topaz
find_node_permutation function graph
find_permutation function common
find_row_col_permutation function graph
find_transitive_lp_sol function polytope
FLAG_VECTOR property Cone polytope
Flexible property-type common
Float property-type common
floor function common
flow_polytope function polytope
flow_polytope function polytope
FOLDABLE property SimplicialComplex topaz
foldable_max_signature_ilp function polytope
foldable_max_signature_upper_bound function polytope
foldable_prism function topaz
found_application function core
found_extension function core
free_sum function polytope
FTR_CYCLIC_NORMAL property Cone polytope
FTV_CYCLIC_NORMAL property Polytope polytope
FULL_DIM property Cone polytope
FULL_DIM property PolyhedralFan fan
fulton application fulton
fundamental2gap function SimplicialComplex topaz
FUNDAMENTAL_GROUP property SimplicialComplex topaz
FUNDAMENTAL_GROUP_GEN_LABELS property SimplicialComplex topaz
F_VECTOR property Cone polytope
F_VECTOR property Polytope polytope
F_VECTOR property QuotientSpace polytope
F_VECTOR property SimplicialComplex topaz
F_VECTOR property PolyhedralFan fan
GALE function Polytope polytope
GALE_TRANSFORM property Polytope polytope
GALE_VERTICES property Polytope polytope
gcd function common
gcd function common
gcd function common
gc_closure function polytope
GENERATING_GROUP property SymmetricCone polytope
GENERATING_POLYTOPE property NormalToricVariety fulton
GENERATORS property Group group
GENERATORS property Ideal ideal
GENUS property SimplicialComplex topaz
GEN_EQUATIONS property SymmetricCone polytope
GEN_INEQUALITIES property SymmetricCone polytope
GEN_INPUT_LINEALITY property SymmetricCone polytope
GEN_INPUT_RAYS property SymmetricCone polytope
gen_matroid function matroid
GEN_POINT property OrbitPolytope polytope
GEN_POINTS property SymmetricPolytope polytope
GeometricGraph object graph
GeometricSimplicialComplex object topaz
geometric_options common-option-list polytope
geomview function common
get_corners function tropical
get_ring function Polynomial common
get_schedule function Core::Object common
GKZ_VECTOR property Cone polytope
GKZ_VECTOR property PointConfiguration polytope
goldfarb function polytope
GORENSTEIN property LatticePolytope polytope
GORENSTEIN property PolyhedralFan<Rational> fan
GORENSTEIN_CONE property Cone<Rational> polytope
GORENSTEIN_INDEX property LatticePolytope polytope
GORENSTEIN_VECTOR property LatticePolytope polytope
GRAPH property Cone polytope
GRAPH property Polytope polytope
GRAPH property Polytope polytope
GRAPH property LatticePolytope polytope
GRAPH property PointConfiguration polytope
GRAPH property SimplicialComplex topaz
GRAPH property PolyhedralFan fan
Graph property-type common
graph application graph
Graph object graph
Graph<Directed> object graph
Graph<Undirected> object graph
graphviz function graph
graph_from_edges function graph
GRAPH_SIGNATURE function Cone polytope
GRAPH_SIGNATURE function SimplicialComplex topaz
GROEBNER property Ideal ideal
Groebner object ideal
GroebnerBasis object polytope
GROEBNER_BASIS property LatticePolytope polytope
groebner_fan function fan
GROUP property Cone polytope
GROUP property PointConfiguration polytope
group application group
Group object group
GroupOfCone object group
GroupOfPolytope object group
group_from_cyclic_notation0 function polytope
group_from_cyclic_notation0 function group
group_from_cyclic_notation1 function polytope
group_from_cyclic_notation1 function group
group_from_generators function group
group_from_permlib_cyclic_notation function group
group_to_cyclic_notation function group
G_DIM property GeometricSimplicialComplex topaz
G_VECTOR property Polytope polytope
HALF_SPACES property TropicalPolytope tropical
HashMap property-type common
HashSet property-type common
HASSE_DIAGRAM property Cone polytope
HASSE_DIAGRAM property Polytope polytope
HASSE_DIAGRAM property SimplicialComplex topaz
HASSE_DIAGRAM property PolyhedralFan fan
has_gaps function Graph common
hd_embedder function graph
help function core
Hidden option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
HILBERT_BASIS function Cone<Rational> polytope
HILBERT_BASIS_GENERATORS property Cone<Rational> polytope
HILBERT_POLYNOMIAL property Ideal ideal
HILBERT_SERIES property Cone<Rational> polytope
hirzebruch_surface function fulton
histogram function common
history function core
HOMOGENEOUS property Cone<Rational> polytope
HOMOGENEOUS property Ideal ideal
HOMOGENEOUS property Hypersurface tropical
HOMOLOGY property SimplicialComplex topaz
homology function topaz
HOMOLOGY property PolyhedralFan fan
HomologyGroup property-type topaz
homology_and_cycles function topaz
HSV property-type common
hungarian_perfect_matching function graph
hyperplane function tropical
hyperplane_arrangement function fan
hypersimplex function polytope
hypersimplex function tropical
Hypersurface object tropical
hypersurface_union function tropical
hypertruncated_cube function polytope
h_induced_quotient function topaz
H_STAR_VECTOR property Cone<Rational> polytope
H_VECTOR property Polytope polytope
H_VECTOR property SimplicialComplex topaz
icosahedron function polytope
icosidodecahedron function polytope
ideal application ideal
Ideal object ideal
IDENTIFICATION_GROUP property QuotientSpace polytope
import_extension function core
IncidenceMatrix property-type common
incidence_matrix function graph
incl function common
include function core
included_polyhedra function polytope
index_matrix function common
indices function common
induced_lattice_basis function polytope
induced_subcomplex function topaz
induced_subgraph function common
INEQUALITIES property Cone polytope
INEQUALITIES_IN_ORBITS property GroupOfCone group
INEQUALITIES_THRU_RAYS property Cone polytope
INEQUALITIES_THRU_VERTICES property Polytope polytope
inf function Float common
inf function Integer common
inf function Rational common
INITIAL_IDEAL property Groebner ideal
INNER_DESCRIPTION function Polytope polytope
INNER_POINT option schlegel_init polytope
INNER_POINT property SchlegelDiagram polytope
inner_point function polytope
INPUT_CONES property PolyhedralFan fan
INPUT_CONES_REPS property SymmetricFan fan
INPUT_FACES property SimplicialComplex topaz
INPUT_LINEALITY property Cone polytope
INPUT_LINEALITY property PolyhedralFan fan
INPUT_POLYTOPES property PolyhedralComplex fan
INPUT_RAYS property Cone polytope
INPUT_RAYS property PolyhedralFan fan
INPUT_RAYS_IN_FACETS property Cone polytope
INPUT_RAYS_IN_ORBITS property GroupOfCone group
INPUT_RAY_LABELS property PolyhedralFan fan
insertMax function FacetList common
insertMin function FacetList common
Int property-type common
Integer property-type common
integer_hull function polytope
integer_points_bbox function polytope
INTEGRAL property TDivisor fulton
interior_and_boundary_ridges function polytope
INTERIOR_LATTICE_POINTS property Polytope<Rational> polytope
INTERIOR_RIDGE_SIMPLICES property Cone polytope
intersection function polytope
IntersectionForm property-type topaz
INTERSECTION_COMPLEX property PolyhedralFan fan
INTERSECTION_FORM property SimplicialComplex topaz
inv function common
invalid_node function Graph common
in_adjacent_nodes function Graph common
in_degree function Graph common
in_edges function Graph common
isfinite function common
isinf function common
isomorphic function polytope
isomorphic function topaz
isomorphic function graph
isomorphic function graph
is_generalized_shelling function topaz
is_integral function common
is_integral function common
is_one function common
is_regular function polytope
is_subdivision function polytope
is_vertex function polytope
is_vertex_decomposition function topaz
is_zero function common
iterated_barycentric_subdivision function polytope
iterated_barycentric_subdivision function topaz
ITERATED_DELAUNAY_GRAPH property VoronoiDiagram polytope
ITERATED_VORONOI_GRAPH property VoronoiDiagram polytope
Iterator property-type common
javaview function common
join_complexes function topaz
join_polytopes function polytope
jreality function common
klein_bottle function topaz
knapsack function polytope
kneser_graph function graph
KNOT property SimplicialComplex topaz
k_cyclic function polytope
k_skeleton function topaz
k_skeleton function topaz
labeled function common
labeled_vertices function Polytope polytope
labeled_vertices function SimplicialComplex topaz
LABELS property PointConfiguration polytope
LABELS property Matroid matroid
laplacian function graph
latex function common
LATTICE function Visual::Polytope polytope
LATTICE property Polytope<Rational> polytope
LatticePolytope object polytope
LATTICE_ACCUMULATED_EDGE_LENGTHS property LatticePolytope polytope
lattice_automorphisms_smooth_polytope function polytope
LATTICE_BASIS property LatticePolytope polytope
lattice_bipyramid function polytope
LATTICE_CODEGREE property LatticePolytope polytope
LATTICE_COLORED function Visual::Polytope polytope
LATTICE_DEGREE property LatticePolytope polytope
LATTICE_EDGE_LENGTHS property LatticePolytope polytope
LATTICE_EMPTY property LatticePolytope polytope
lattice_isomorphic_smooth_polytopes function polytope
LATTICE_POINTS function Polytope<Rational> polytope
LATTICE_POINTS_GENERATORS property Polytope<Rational> polytope
lattice_pyramid function polytope
LATTICE_VOLUME property LatticePolytope polytope
lawrence function polytope
lc function Polynomial common
lc function UniPolynomial common
lcm function common
lcm function common
LEDA_graph function graph
lex_min_representative function polytope
lifted_pluecker function tropical
LIFTING property RationalDivisorClassGroup fulton
LINEALITY_DIM property Cone polytope
LINEALITY_DIM property PolyhedralFan fan
LINEALITY_SPACE property Cone polytope
LINEALITY_SPACE property PolyhedralFan fan
lineality_space function common
LinearProgram object polytope
LINEAR_OBJECTIVE property LinearProgram polytope
LINEAR_SPAN property Cone polytope
LINEAR_SPAN_NORMALS property PolyhedralFan fan
linear_symmetries function polytope
line_graph function graph
link_complex function topaz
lin_solve function common
List property-type common
list function Core::RuleChain common
list_properties function Core::Object common
lm_exp function Polynomial common
load function core
load_commands function core
load_data function core
LocalFloatEpsilon property-type common
LOCALLY_STRONGLY_CONNECTED property SimplicialComplex topaz
Long property-type common
LOOPS property Matroid matroid
low_deg function UniPolynomial common
LP property Polytope polytope
lp2poly function polytope
make_totally_dual_integral function polytope
MANIFOLD property SimplicialComplex topaz
Map property-type common
mapping_polytope function polytope
matching_polytope function polytope
Matrix property-type common
matroid application matroid
Matroid object matroid
matroid_from_characteristic_vector function matroid
matroid_from_graph function matroid
matroid_from_matroid_polytope function matroid
matroid_plueckervector function matroid
Max property-type tropical
MAXIMAL_CELLS property PolyhedralComplex fan
MAXIMAL_CONES property PolyhedralFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_DIMS function PolyhedralFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_FACETS property PolyhedralFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_INCIDENCES property PolyhedralFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_IN_ORBITS property SymmetricFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_ORBIT_SIZES property SymmetricFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_REPS property SymmetricFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_REPS_DIMS property SymmetricFan fan
MAXIMAL_CONES_REPS_FACETS property SymmetricFan fan
MAXIMAL_FACE property LinearProgram polytope
MAXIMAL_FACES property Hypersurface tropical
MAXIMAL_POLYTOPES property PolyhedralComplex fan
MAXIMAL_POLYTOPES_FACETS property PolyhedralComplex fan
MAXIMAL_POLYTOPES_INCIDENCES property PolyhedralComplex fan
MAXIMAL_VALUE property LinearProgram polytope
MAXIMAL_VERTEX property LinearProgram polytope
maximum function common
MAX_BOUNDARY_SIMPLICES property Cone polytope
MAX_BOUNDARY_SIMPLICES property PointConfiguration polytope
MAX_CLIQUES function SimplicialComplex topaz
MAX_CLIQUES property Graph<Undirected> graph
max_GC_rank function polytope
MAX_INTERIOR_SIMPLICES property Cone polytope
MAX_INTERIOR_SIMPLICES property PointConfiguration polytope
max_interior_simplices function polytope
max_interior_simplices function polytope
max_interior_simplices_impl function polytope
max_metric function polytope
metapost function graph
METRIC property TightSpan polytope
metric2hyp_triang function polytope
metric2splits function polytope
Min property-type tropical
MINIMAL_FACE property LinearProgram polytope
MINIMAL_NON_FACES property Polytope polytope
MINIMAL_NON_FACES property SimplicialComplex topaz
minimal_tropical_halfspaces function tropical
MINIMAL_VALUE property LinearProgram polytope
MINIMAL_VERTEX property LinearProgram polytope
MINIMAL_VERTEX_ANGLE property Polytope polytope
minimal_vertex_angle function polytope
minimum function common
MINKOWSKI_CONE property Polytope<Rational> polytope
MINKOWSKI_CONE_COEFF function Polytope<Rational> polytope
MINKOWSKI_CONE_POINT function Polytope<Rational> polytope
minkowski_sum function polytope
minkowski_sum function polytope
minkowski_sum function polytope
minkowski_sum function polytope
minkowski_sum function tropical
minkowski_sum_fukuda function polytope
minor function Matrix common
minor function IncidenceMatrix common
minus_inf function Float common
minus_inf function Integer common
minus_inf function Rational common
MIN_MAX_FACE function Visual::Polytope polytope
MIN_MAX_FACE function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
MIN_MAX_FACE function Visual::PolytopeGraph polytope
MIN_MAX_FACE function Visual::PolytopeLattice polytope
min_metric function polytope
MIXED_GRAPH property SimplicialComplex topaz
mixed_graph function topaz
mixed_integer_hull function polytope
mixed_volume function polytope
MODULE_GENERATORS property TDivisor fulton
MOEBIUS_STRIP_EDGES property Polytope polytope
MOEBIUS_STRIP_QUADS property Polytope polytope
MONOID_GRADING property Cone<Rational> polytope
MONOMIAL property Ideal ideal
Monomial property-type common
MONOMIALS property Hypersurface tropical
monomials_as_matrix function Polynomial common
MonomPerm permutation Hypersurface tropical
MORI_CONE property NormalToricVariety fulton
MORSE_MATCHING property SimplicialComplex topaz
MORSE_MATCHING function Visual::SimplicialComplex topaz
morse_matching function topaz
MORSE_MATCHING_CRITICAL_FACES property SimplicialComplex topaz
MORSE_MATCHING_CRITICAL_FACE_VECTOR property SimplicialComplex topaz
MORSE_MATCHING_N_CRITICAL_FACES property SimplicialComplex topaz
MORSE_MATCHING_SIZE property SimplicialComplex topaz
morse_matching_size function topaz
multiplex function polytope
MULTIPLE_POINTS property PointConfiguration polytope
MULTIPLICITIES property TropicalVariety fan
N property CyclicQuotient fulton
Name option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
names function Ring common
nearest_point function tropical
NEF property TDivisor fulton
NEF_CONE property NormalToricVariety fulton
NEIGHBORLINESS property Polytope polytope
NEIGHBORLY property Polytope polytope
neighborly_cubical function polytope
NEIGHBOR_RAYS_CYCLIC_NORMAL property Cone polytope
NEIGHBOR_VERTICES_CYCLIC_NORMAL property Polytope polytope
nestedOPGraph function polytope
newton function polytope
NN_CRUST_GRAPH property VoronoiDiagram polytope
NN_GRAPH property VoronoiDiagram polytope
NodeBorderColor option Visual::Graph::decorations graph
NodeBorderThickness option Visual::Graph::decorations graph
NodeColor option Visual::Graph::decorations graph
NodeHashMap property-type common
NodeIterator property-type common
NodeLabels option Visual::Graph::decorations graph
NodeMap property-type common
NodePerm permutation Graph graph
nodes function Graph common
nodes function common
NodeSet property-type common
NodeStyle option Visual::Graph::decorations graph
nodes_of_dim function FaceLattice graph
NodeThickness option Visual::Graph::decorations graph
NODE_DEGREES property Graph graph
node_edge_incidences function common
node_exists function Graph common
NODE_IN_DEGREES property Graph<Directed> graph
NODE_LABELS property Graph graph
NODE_OUT_DEGREES property Graph<Directed> graph
node_out_of_range function Graph common
NonSymmetric property-type common
NON_BASES property Matroid matroid
NON_NEGATIVE property Hypersurface tropical
NON_VERTICES property PointConfiguration polytope
NOP_GRAPH property OrbitPolytope polytope
norm function tropical
NORMAL property LatticePolytope polytope
normalized function common
normaliz_compute function polytope
NormalToricVariety object fulton
normal_cone function polytope
normal_fan function fan
null_space function common
null_space function common
numbered function common
numerator function common
numerator function common
N_01POINTS property Polytope<Rational> polytope
n_automorphisms function graph
N_BASES property Matroid matroid
N_BOUNDARY_LATTICE_POINTS property Polytope<Rational> polytope
N_BOUNDED_VERTICES property Polytope polytope
N_CIRCUITS property Matroid matroid
N_COCIRCUITS property Matroid matroid
N_COLOOPS property Matroid matroid
N_CONNECTED_COMPONENTS function SimplicialComplex topaz
N_CONNECTED_COMPONENTS property Graph graph
N_EDGES function Polytope polytope
N_EDGES property Graph graph
N_ELEMENTS property Matroid matroid
N_EQUATIONS property Cone polytope
N_FACETS property Cone polytope
N_FACETS property SimplicialComplex topaz
N_FACET_NORMALS property PolyhedralFan fan
N_FLAGS function Cone polytope
N_GEN_EQUATIONS property SymmetricCone polytope
N_GEN_INEQUALITIES property SymmetricCone polytope
N_GEN_INPUT_LINEALITY property SymmetricCone polytope
N_GEN_INPUT_RAYS property SymmetricCone polytope
n_gon function polytope
N_GON_TRIANGULATION property VersalComponent fulton
N_HILBERT_BASIS property Cone<Rational> polytope
N_INEQUALITIES property Cone polytope
N_INPUT_LINEALITY property Cone polytope
N_INPUT_RAYS property Cone polytope
N_INPUT_RAYS property PolyhedralFan fan
N_INTERIOR_LATTICE_POINTS property Polytope<Rational> polytope
N_LATTICE_POINTS property Polytope<Rational> polytope
N_LATTICE_POINTS_IN_DILATION function LatticePolytope polytope
N_LOOPS property Matroid matroid
N_MAXIMAL_CONES property PolyhedralFan fan
N_MAXIMAL_CONE_ORBITS property SymmetricFan fan
N_MAXIMAL_FACES property Hypersurface tropical
N_MAXIMAL_POLYTOPES property PolyhedralComplex fan
N_MAXIMAL_TORUS_ORBITS property NormalToricVariety fulton
N_MAX_BOUNDARY_SIMPLICES property PointConfiguration polytope
N_MAX_INTERIOR_SIMPLICES property PointConfiguration polytope
N_MINIMAL_NON_FACES property SimplicialComplex topaz
N_NODES property Graph graph
N_ORBITS_OF_COORDINATES property GroupOfCone group
N_ORBITS_OF_FACETS property GroupOfCone group
N_ORBITS_OF_INEQUALITIES property GroupOfCone group
N_ORBITS_OF_INPUT_RAYS property GroupOfCone group
N_ORBITS_OF_POINTS property GroupOfPolytope group
N_ORBITS_OF_RAYS property GroupOfCone group
N_ORBITS_OF_VERTICES property GroupOfPolytope group
N_POINTS property Polytope polytope
N_POINTS property PointConfiguration polytope
N_POINTS property PolyhedralComplex fan
N_POINTS property Hypersurface tropical
N_RAYS property Cone polytope
N_RAYS property PolyhedralFan fan
N_RAYS property Hypersurface tropical
N_RAY_FACET_INC property Cone polytope
N_RAY_ORBITS property SymmetricFan fan
N_REPRESENTATIVE_CERTIFIERS property OrbitPolytope polytope
N_REPRESENTATIVE_CORE_POINTS property OrbitPolytope polytope
N_REPRESENTATIVE_FACETS property GroupOfCone group
N_REPRESENTATIVE_RAYS property GroupOfCone group
N_REPRESENTATIVE_VERTICES property GroupOfPolytope group
N_RIDGES function Polytope polytope
N_SIMPLICES property QuotientSpace polytope
N_SITES property VoronoiDiagram polytope
N_STRONG_GENERATORS property Group group
N_SYMMETRIES property SymmetricFan fan
N_TERMS property Hypersurface tropical
N_VARS property Hypersurface tropical
n_vars function Ring common
N_VERTEX_FACET_INC property Polytope polytope
N_VERTICES property Polytope polytope
N_VERTICES property SimplicialComplex topaz
N_VERTICES property PolyhedralComplex fan
N_VERTICES property Hypersurface tropical
obliterate_extension function core
ODD_SUBCOMPLEX property SimplicialComplex topaz
ones_vector function common
ONE_RAY property Cone polytope
ONE_VERTEX property Polytope polytope
opt_attained function Hypersurface tropical
ORBIFOLD property NormalToricVariety fulton
orbit function group
orbit function group
OrbitPolytope object polytope
orbits_coord_action_complete function group
ORBITS_F_VECTOR property SymmetricFan fan
orbits_induced_action function group
orbits_of_domain function group
orbit_coord_action function group
orbit_polytope function polytope
ORDER property Group group
ORDER property Groebner ideal
ORDER_MATRIX property Groebner ideal
ORIENTATION property SimplicialComplex topaz
ORIENTED_PSEUDO_MANIFOLD property SimplicialComplex topaz
ORIGIN property AffineLattice polytope
orthantify function polytope
ortho_project function polytope
ORTH_LINEALITY_SPACE property PolyhedralFan fan
OUTER_DESCRIPTION function Polytope polytope
out_adjacent_nodes function Graph common
out_degree function Graph common
out_edges function Graph common
Pair property-type common
path_graph function graph
PAVING property Matroid matroid
perles_irrational_8_polytope function polytope
permutahedron function polytope
PERMUTATION property Cone polytope
PERMUTATION property Cone polytope
PERMUTATION property SimplicialComplex topaz
PERMUTATION property SimplicialComplex topaz
PERMUTATION property PolyhedralFan fan
PERMUTATION property PolyhedralFan fan
PERMUTATION property TropicalPolytope tropical
PERMUTATION property Hypersurface tropical
PERMUTATION property Hypersurface tropical
PERMUTATION property Graph graph
permutation_cycles function common
permutation_matrix function common
permutation_sign function common
permuted function Plucker common
perturb_matrix function common
petersen function graph
PIF_CYCLIC_NORMAL property PointConfiguration polytope
pile function polytope
placing_triangulation function polytope
platonic_solids function polytope
Plucker property-type common
pluecker function common
pl_homeomorphic function topaz
PointBorderColor option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
PointBorderThickness option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
PointColor option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
PointConfiguration object polytope
POINTED property Cone polytope
POINTED property Polytope polytope
POINTED property PolyhedralFan fan
pointed_part function polytope
PointLabels option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
POINTS property Polytope polytope
POINTS property PointConfiguration polytope
POINTS property Matroid matroid
POINTS property PolyhedralComplex fan
POINTS property TropicalPolytope tropical
POINTS property Hypersurface tropical
points2hypersurface function tropical
points2metric function polytope
PointsPerm permutation Hypersurface tropical
PointStyle option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
POINTS_IN_FACETS property Polytope polytope
POINTS_IN_ORBITS property GroupOfPolytope group
PointThickness option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
POINT_LABELS property PolyhedralComplex fan
polarize function polytope
POLAR_SMOOTH property LatticePolytope polytope
poly2lp function polytope
poly2metric function polytope
poly2trop function tropical
PolyhedralComplex object fan
PolyhedralFan object fan
PolyhedralFan<Rational> object fan
Polynomial property-type common
POLYTOPAL_SUBDIVISION function Visual::PointConfiguration polytope
POLYTOPAL_SUBDIVISION property Polytope polytope
POLYTOPAL_SUBDIVISION property PointConfiguration polytope
polytope application polytope
Polytope object polytope
POLYTOPE property Matroid matroid
polytope function PolyhedralComplex fan
Polytope<Float> object polytope
Polytope<QuadraticExtension> object polytope
Polytope<Rational> object polytope
POLYTOPE_IN_STD_BASIS function LatticePolytope polytope
porta2poly function polytope
POSITIVE property Cone polytope
positive_circuits function polytope
postscript function common
povray function common
PowerSet property-type common
prefer function core
prefer_now function core
PRIMARY property Ideal ideal
PRIMARY_DECOMPOSITION property Ideal ideal
PRIME property Ideal ideal
primitive function common
primitive function common
primitive_affine function common
primitive_affine function common
PRINCIPAL property TDivisor fulton
print_constraints function polytope
print_constraints function common
print_face_lattice function polytope
print_ordered function Polynomial common
print_ordered function UniPolynomial common
prism function polytope
privileged_subdivision function Hypersurface tropical
product function polytope
PROJECTION property RationalDivisorClassGroup fulton
projection function polytope
projection function fan
projection_full function polytope
projection_full function fan
PROJECTIVE property NormalToricVariety fulton
projective_plane function topaz
projective_plane function matroid
projective_space function fulton
project_to_orthogonal_complement function common
PROJ_DICTIONARY property SimplicialComplex topaz
PROJ_ORBITS property SimplicialComplex topaz
PropagatedPolytope object polytope
property_viewer function common
PseudoVertexPerm permutation TropicalPolytope tropical
PSEUDOVERTEX_COARSE_TYPES property TropicalPolytope tropical
PSEUDOVERTEX_GRAPH property TropicalPolytope tropical
PSEUDOVERTEX_LABELS property TropicalPolytope tropical
PSEUDOVERTEX_TYPES property TropicalPolytope tropical
PSEUDOVERTICES property TropicalPolytope tropical
pseudovertices2poly function tropical
pseudovertices_float_coords function tropical
PSEUDO_MANIFOLD property SimplicialComplex topaz
PURE property SimplicialComplex topaz
PURE property PolyhedralFan fan
pyramid function polytope
PYRAMID_LATTICE property VersalComponent fulton
P_RESOLUTION property VersalComponent fulton
Q property CyclicQuotient fulton
QuadraticExtension property-type common
quarter_turn_manifold function polytope
QuotientSpace object polytope
QUOTIENT_SPACE property Polytope polytope
quotient_space_faces function polytope
quotient_space_simplexity_ilp function polytope
quotient_space_simplexity_lower_bound function polytope
Q_CARTIER property TDivisor fulton
Q_GORENSTEIN property PolyhedralFan<Rational> fan
Q_GORENSTEIN_CONE property Cone<Rational> polytope
Q_GORENSTEIN_CONE_INDEX property Cone<Rational> polytope
Q_GORENSTEIN_INDEX property PolyhedralFan<Rational> fan
RADICAL property Ideal ideal
rand01 function polytope
RANDOM_EDGE_EPL property LinearProgram polytope
random_edge_epl function polytope
random_graph function graph
rand_aof function polytope
rand_box function polytope
rand_cyclic function polytope
rand_inner_points function polytope
rand_knot function topaz
rand_metric function polytope
rand_metric_int function polytope
rand_perm function common
rand_sphere function polytope
rand_vert function polytope
range function common
RANK property Matroid matroid
rank function common
Rational property-type common
rational2cf function fulton
RationalDivisorClassGroup object fulton
RationalFunction property-type common
RATIONAL_DIVISOR_CLASS_GROUP property NormalToricVariety fulton
RAYS property Cone polytope
RAYS property PolyhedralFan fan
RAYS property Hypersurface tropical
RaysPerm permutation PolyhedralFan fan
RAYS_IMAGES property SymmetricFan fan
RAYS_IN_FACETS property Cone polytope
RAYS_IN_INEQUALITIES property Cone polytope
RAYS_IN_ORBITS property GroupOfCone group
RAYS_IN_ORBITS property SymmetricFan fan
RAYS_ORBIT_SIZES property SymmetricFan fan
RAYS_REPS property SymmetricFan fan
RAYS_REPS_LABELS property SymmetricFan fan
RAY_LABELS property Cone polytope
RAY_LABELS property PolyhedralFan fan
RAY_SEPARATORS property Cone polytope
RAY_SIZES property Cone polytope
recession_cone function polytope
reconfigure function core
reconfigure_extension function core
reduce function common
REDUNDANT_MONOMIALS property Hypersurface tropical
REFINED_SPLITS property Cone polytope
REFINED_SPLITS property Polytope polytope
REFINED_SPLITS property PointConfiguration polytope
REFINED_SPLITS property PointConfiguration polytope
REFLEXIVE property LatticePolytope polytope
REGIONS property Hypersurface tropical
REGULAR property Matroid matroid
REGULAR property PolyhedralFan fan
regularity_lp function polytope
regular_120_cell function polytope
regular_24_cell function polytope
regular_600_cell function polytope
regular_subdivision function polytope
RELATIVE_VOLUME property Polytope<Rational> polytope
REL_INT_POINT property Cone polytope
rel_int_point function polytope
remove($) function Core::Object common
repeat_row function common
replay_history function core
representation_conversion_up_to_symmetry function polytope
REPRESENTATIVE_AFFINE_HULL property GroupOfPolytope group
REPRESENTATIVE_CERTIFIERS property OrbitPolytope polytope
REPRESENTATIVE_CORE_POINTS property OrbitPolytope polytope
REPRESENTATIVE_FACETS property GroupOfCone group
REPRESENTATIVE_RAYS property GroupOfCone group
REPRESENTATIVE_VERTICES property GroupOfPolytope group
REPS_FACET_NORMALS property SymmetricFan fan
REPS_LINEAR_SPAN_NORMALS property SymmetricFan fan
reset_custom function core
reset_preference function core
revert function polytope
RGB property-type common
rhombicosidodecahedron function polytope
RIF_CYCLIC_NORMAL property Cone polytope
RING property Ideal ideal
Ring property-type common
ROTATION property SchlegelDiagram polytope
row function Matrix common
row function IncidenceMatrix common
rows function Matrix common
rows function IncidenceMatrix common
rows function common
rows function common
rows_labeled function common
rows_labeled function common
rows_numbered function common
rss_associahedron function polytope
save function core
save_data function core
save_history function core
SCALAR property-type common
scalar2set function common
scalar_product function tropical
scale function polytope
Scale option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
SCHLEGEL function Polytope polytope
SchlegelDiagram object polytope
SCHLEGEL_DIAGRAM property Polytope polytope
schlegel_init common-option-list polytope
script function core
secondary_cone function polytope
secondary_fan function fan
SECTION_POLYTOPE property TDivisor fulton
select_subset function common
SELF_DUAL property Cone polytope
SELF_DUAL property Polytope polytope
SEMIAMPLE property TDivisor fulton
separating_hyperplane function polytope
separating_hyperplane_poly function polytope
sequence function common
Serialized property-type common
Set property-type common
set_custom function core
SHELLABLE property SimplicialComplex topaz
SHELLING property SimplicialComplex topaz
show_credits function core
show_extensions function core
show_preferences function core
show_unconfigured function core
SIGNATURE property GeometricSimplicialComplex topaz
SIGNATURE property Graph<Undirected> graph
SIGNED_INCIDENCE_MATRIX property Graph graph
signed_incidence_matrix function graph
signed_permutahedron function polytope
SIMPLE property Cone polytope
SIMPLE property Polytope polytope
simplex function polytope
simplex function topaz
simplexity_ilp function polytope
simplexity_ilp_with_angles function polytope
SIMPLEXITY_LOWER_BOUND property Polytope polytope
SIMPLEXITY_LOWER_BOUND property PointConfiguration polytope
SIMPLEXITY_LOWER_BOUND property QuotientSpace polytope
simplexity_lower_bound function polytope
SIMPLEXITY_LOWER_BOUND property GroupOfCone group
SIMPLE_POLYHEDRON property Polytope polytope
simple_roots_type_A function polytope
simple_roots_type_B function polytope
simple_roots_type_C function polytope
simple_roots_type_D function polytope
simple_roots_type_E8 function polytope
simple_roots_type_F4 function polytope
simple_roots_type_G2 function polytope
simple_roots_type_H3 function polytope
simple_roots_type_H4 function polytope
SIMPLICES property QuotientSpace polytope
SIMPLICIAL property Cone polytope
SIMPLICIAL property Polytope polytope
SIMPLICIAL property PolyhedralFan fan
SimplicialComplex object topaz
SIMPLICIALITY property Polytope polytope
SIMPLICIAL_COMPLEX property QuotientSpace polytope
SIMPLICIAL_CONE property Cone polytope
simplicial_product function topaz
simplicial_product function topaz
SIMPLICITY property Polytope polytope
SITES property VoronoiDiagram polytope
SITE_LABELS property VoronoiDiagram polytope
size function SparseVector common
size function Array common
size function Set common
size function FacetList common
size function boost_dynamic_bitset common
sketch function common
slice function Vector common
slice function Vector common
SmithNormalForm property-type common
smith_normal_form function common
SMOOTH property NormalToricVariety fulton
SMOOTH property LatticePolytope polytope
SMOOTH_CONE property Cone<Rational> polytope
SMOOTH_FAN property PolyhedralFan<Rational> fan
SOLID function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
SparseIterator property-type common
SparseMatrix property-type common
SparseVector property-type common
SPECIAL_FACETS property Polytope polytope
SPHERE property SimplicialComplex topaz
sphere function topaz
spherize function polytope
SPLITS property Polytope polytope
SPLITS property PointConfiguration polytope
splits function polytope
splitstree function polytope
splits_in_subdivision function polytope
SPLIT_COMPATIBILITY_GRAPH property Polytope polytope
SPLIT_COMPATIBILITY_GRAPH property PointConfiguration polytope
split_compatibility_graph function polytope
split_polyhedron function polytope
spring_embedder function graph
SQUARED_DETERMINANT property AffineLattice polytope
SQUARED_EDGE_LENGTHS property Polytope polytope
SQUARED_RELATIVE_VOLUMES property Polytope polytope
squeeze function Graph common
squeeze function SparseMatrix common
squeeze function IncidenceMatrix common
squeeze_cols function SparseMatrix common
squeeze_cols function IncidenceMatrix common
squeeze_isolated function Graph common
squeeze_rows function SparseMatrix common
squeeze_rows function IncidenceMatrix common
stabilizer_of_set function group
stabilizer_of_vector function group
stable_set function polytope
stack function polytope
staircase_weight function polytope
stanley_reisner function topaz
star function topaz
star_deletion function topaz
static function common
STEINER function Visual::Polytope polytope
STEINER function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
STEINER_POINT property Polytope polytope
steiner_point function polytope
STEINER_POINTS property Polytope polytope
stellar_all_faces function polytope
stellar_indep_faces function polytope
stellar_subdivision function polytope
stellar_subdivision function topaz
stellar_subdivision function topaz
STIEFEL_WHITNEY property SimplicialComplex topaz
stiefel_whitney function topaz
String property-type common
STRONG_GENERATORS property Group group
SUBCOMPLEX function Visual::SimplicialComplex topaz
SUBCOMPLEX function Visual::SimplicialComplexLattice topaz
subcone function polytope
SUBRIDGE_SIZES property Polytope polytope
sum_of_square_roots_naive function common
SUM_PRODUCT_GRAPH property PropagatedPolytope polytope
SUPPORT_SIZE property Hypersurface tropical
SURFACE property SimplicialComplex topaz
surface function topaz
suspension function topaz
Symmetric property-type common
SymmetricCone object polytope
SymmetricFan object fan
SymmetricPolytope object polytope
SYMMETRIC_FACETS property GroupOfCone group
symmetric_group function polytope
symmetric_group function group
SYMMETRIC_RAYS property GroupOfCone group
SYMMETRIC_VERTICES property GroupOfPolytope group
symmetrized_foldable_max_signature_ilp function polytope
symmetrized_foldable_max_signature_upper_bound function polytope
SYMMETRY_GENERATORS property SymmetricFan fan
SYMMETRY_GROUP property QuotientSpace polytope
SYMMETRY_GROUP property SymmetricFan fan
TAXA property TightSpan polytope
tdet function tropical
TDivisor object fulton
tensor function polytope
Term property-type common
TERMINAL property LatticePolytope polytope
TERM_ORDER_MATRIX property GroebnerBasis polytope
TERM_ORDER_NAME property GroebnerBasis polytope
TERNARY property Matroid matroid
TERNARY_POINTS property Matroid matroid
tetrahedron function polytope
Text property-type common
thrackle_metric function polytope
TightSpan object polytope
tight_span function polytope
tight_span function polytope
tikz function common
TILING_LATTICE property Polytope polytope
tiling_quotient function fan
Title option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
toMatrix function common
topaz application topaz
topcom_all_triangulations function polytope
toPolynomial function common
top_node function FaceLattice graph
torus function topaz
totally_dual_integral function polytope
totally_unimodular function common
TOTAL_LENGTH property Polytope polytope
TOTAL_SPACE property VersalComponent fulton
toVector function common
TOWARDS_FAR_FACE property Polytope polytope
TRANSFORM property SchlegelDiagram polytope
transform function polytope
translate function polytope
TRANSLATIONS property PropagatedPolytope polytope
transportation function polytope
transpose function common
transpose function common
TRANSVERSALS property Group group
TRANSVERSAL_SIZES property Group group
TRIANGLES property VersalComponent fulton
TRIANGLE_FREE function Cone polytope
TRIANGLE_FREE property Graph<Undirected> graph
TRIANGULATION function Visual::Polytope polytope
TRIANGULATION function Visual::PointConfiguration polytope
TRIANGULATION property Cone polytope
TRIANGULATION property PointConfiguration polytope
TRIANGULATION_BOUNDARY function Visual::Polytope polytope
TRIANGULATION_BOUNDARY function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
TRIANGULATION_BOUNDARY function Visual::PointConfiguration polytope
TRIANGULATION_BOUNDARY_SOLID function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
TRIANGULATION_INT property Cone polytope
TRIANGULATION_INT_SIGNS function Polytope polytope
TRIANGULATION_SIGNS function Polytope polytope
TRIANGULATION_SIGNS function PointConfiguration polytope
triang_neighborhood function topaz
trivial function Polynomial common
trop2poly function tropical
tropical application tropical
TropicalPolytope object tropical
TropicalVariety object fan
tropical_complex function tropical
tropical_intersection function tropical
tropical_matroid_polytope function tropical
truncated_cuboctahedron function polytope
truncated_dodecahedron function polytope
truncated_icosahedron function polytope
truncated_icosidodecahedron function polytope
truncated_orbit_polytope function polytope
truncation function polytope
ts_max_metric function polytope
ts_min_metric function polytope
ts_thrackle_metric function polytope
Tuple property-type common
tutte_lifting function polytope
TWO_FACE_SIZES property Polytope polytope
types function tropical
UNBOUNDED_FACETS property Polytope polytope
unconfigure function core
Undirected property-type common
UndirectedMulti property-type common
uniform_matroid function matroid
UniMonomial property-type common
union function topaz
UniPolynomial property-type common
unirand function polytope
UniTerm property-type common
unit_matrix function common
unit_vector function common
unknot function topaz
upper_bound_theorem function polytope
validate_moebius_strip function polytope
validate_moebius_strip_quads function polytope
VALID_POINT property Polytope polytope
variable function Ring common
variables function Ring common
Vector property-type common
vector2col function common
vector2row function common
VersalComponent object fulton
VERSAL_COMPONENT property CyclicQuotient fulton
VERSAL_COMPONENTS property CyclicQuotient fulton
VERSAL_DEFORMATION property CyclicQuotient fulton
VertexBorderColor option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VertexBorderThickness option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VertexColor option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VertexLabels option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VertexPerm permutation Cone polytope
VertexPerm permutation SimplicialComplex topaz
VertexStyle option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VertexThickness option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VERTEX_BARYCENTER property Polytope polytope
VERTEX_COLORS function Visual::Polytope polytope
VERTEX_COLORS function Visual::SchlegelDiagram polytope
VERTEX_COLORS function Visual::PolytopeGraph polytope
vertex_colors function polytope
VERTEX_DEGREES function Cone polytope
VERTEX_DEGREES function SimplicialComplex topaz
vertex_figure function polytope
VERTEX_INDICES property SimplicialComplex topaz
VERTEX_IN_DEGREES function LinearProgram polytope
VERTEX_LABELS property Polytope polytope
VERTEX_LABELS property SimplicialComplex topaz
VERTEX_LABELS property PolyhedralComplex fan
VERTEX_LABELS property TropicalPolytope tropical
vertex_lattice_normalization function polytope
VERTEX_NORMALS property Polytope polytope
VERTEX_OUT_DEGREES function LinearProgram polytope
VERTEX_POINT_MAP property PointConfiguration polytope
VERTEX_POINT_MAP property PointConfiguration polytope
VERTEX_SIZES property Polytope polytope
VERTEX_TYPES property TropicalPolytope tropical
VERTICES property Polytope polytope
VERTICES property SchlegelDiagram polytope
VERTICES property PolyhedralComplex fan
VERTICES property TropicalPolytope tropical
VERTICES function Hypersurface tropical
VERTICES_IN_FACETS property Polytope polytope
VERTICES_IN_INEQUALITIES property Polytope polytope
VERTICES_IN_METRIC property TightSpan polytope
VERTICES_IN_ORBITS property GroupOfPolytope group
VERY_AMPLE property LatticePolytope polytope
ViewDirection option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VIEWPOINT property SchlegelDiagram polytope
ViewPoint option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
ViewUp option Visual::PointSet::decorations common
VIF_CYCLIC_NORMAL property Polytope polytope
violations function polytope
VISUAL function Polytope polytope
VISUAL function PointConfiguration polytope
VISUAL function SchlegelDiagram polytope
VISUAL function SimplicialComplex topaz
VISUAL function PolyhedralFan fan
VISUAL function PolyhedralComplex fan
VISUAL function PolyhedralComplex fan
VISUAL function TropicalPolytope tropical
VISUAL function Hypersurface tropical
VISUAL function Graph graph
VISUAL function FaceLattice graph
Visual::Graph::decorations common-option-list graph
Visual::Lattice::decorations common-option-list graph
Visual::PointConfiguration object polytope
Visual::PointSet::decorations common-option-list common
Visual::Polygon::decorations common-option-list common
Visual::Polygons::decorations common-option-list common
Visual::Polytope object polytope
Visual::PolytopeGraph object polytope
Visual::PolytopeLattice object polytope
Visual::SchlegelDiagram object polytope
Visual::SimplicialComplex object topaz
Visual::SimplicialComplexLattice object topaz
Visual::Wire::decorations common-option-list common
visualizeNOP function polytope
visualizeNOPGraph function polytope
VISUAL_BOUNDED_GRAPH function Polytope polytope
VISUAL_BOUNDED_GRAPH function TightSpan polytope
VISUAL_CRUST function VoronoiDiagram polytope
VISUAL_DUAL function Polytope polytope
VISUAL_DUAL function FaceLattice graph
VISUAL_DUAL_FACE_LATTICE function Polytope polytope
VISUAL_DUAL_GRAPH function Polytope polytope
VISUAL_DUAL_GRAPH function SimplicialComplex topaz
VISUAL_FACE_LATTICE function Polytope polytope
VISUAL_FACE_LATTICE function SimplicialComplex topaz
VISUAL_GRAPH function Polytope polytope
VISUAL_GRAPH function SimplicialComplex topaz
VISUAL_MIXED_GRAPH function SimplicialComplex topaz
VISUAL_NN_CRUST function VoronoiDiagram polytope
VISUAL_ORBIT_COLORED_GRAPH function SymmetricCone polytope
VISUAL_PLANAR function TropicalPolytope tropical
VISUAL_POINTS function PointConfiguration polytope
VISUAL_PSEUDOVERTEX_GRAPH function TropicalPolytope tropical
VISUAL_SPLITS function TightSpan polytope
VISUAL_TIGHT_SPAN function TightSpan polytope
VISUAL_TRIANGULATION_BOUNDARY function Polytope polytope
VISUAL_VORONOI function VoronoiDiagram polytope
vlabels function polytope
VOLUME property Polytope polytope
VOLUME property GeometricSimplicialComplex topaz
VoronoiDiagram object polytope
VORONOI_GRAPH property VoronoiDiagram polytope
VORONOI_VERTICES property VoronoiDiagram polytope
WEAKLY_CENTERED property Polytope polytope
wedge function polytope
WEIGHTS property Cone polytope
WEIGHTS property Polytope polytope
WEIGHTS property PointConfiguration polytope
WEIGHTS property PointConfiguration polytope
WEIGHT_CONE property AffineNormalToricVariety fulton
wreath function polytope
write_foldable_max_signature_ilp function polytope
write_quotient_space_simplexity_ilp function polytope
write_simplexity_ilp function polytope
wronski_center_ideal function polytope
wronski_polynomial function polytope
wronski_system function polytope
wythoff function polytope
ZERO property Ideal ideal
zero_matrix function common
zero_vector function common
zonotope function polytope
ZONOTOPE_INPUT_POINTS property Polytope polytope
zonotope_tiling_lattice function polytope
zonotope_vertices_fukuda function polytope
ZOOM option schlegel_init polytope
ZOOM property SchlegelDiagram polytope