polymake in a Box

If you quickly want to try our software and also as a last resort for the truly desperate we now offer polymake in a Box, an online version.

We recommend opening it in a new window with the following link:

Alternatively you can use the iframe below, to start enter polymake or polymake-beta and please log out by entering exit; .

While it is fully functional in a conceptual sense the box version comes with a variety of restrictions which are listed below:

  • CPU and memory consumption limited
  • number of parallel users limited
  • interfaces to external software installed limited
  • no visualization
  • no permanent storing of data
  • no internet access from within the polymake shell

For some unfortunate combinations of OS, browser, and keyboard layout JavaScript can't handle key combinations using the alt, meta, ctrl, or command key. On international keyboards, characters like “[” often need such a combination.

If this affects you you could try

  • a different browser (opera/chromium seems to be good)
  • remap key combinations that involve alt, ctrl, command, meta to something without one of the four.
  • temporarily switch to a different keyboard layout.
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