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application fulton

This application deals with normal toric varieties as discussed in the famous book William Fulton: Introduction to toric varieties.

imports from:


  • CyclicQuotient:
    An affine normal toric variety given by a two-dimensional cone in two-dimensional space.

  • NormalToricVariety:
    A normal toric variety given by a fan.

  • RationalDivisorClassGroup:
    The class group Cl(X) of Weil divisors on the toric variety defined by the fan is a finitely generated abelian group of rank N_RAYS-DIM. It usually contains torsion. The rational divisor class group is the tensor product of Cl(X) with Q over Z. This group is torsion free and corresponds to the Picard group if the variety is non-singular.

  • TDivisor:
    A T-invariant divisor on a normal toric variety.

  • VersalComponent:
    A component of the versal deformation of a CyclicQuotient singularity.

Combinatorial functions.


return the polytope defined by an element of the nef or effective cone first argument is the fan, second the Vector defining the divisor class

These methods help with translating combinatorics to commutative algebra.


Find all lattice points of a polytope P that are not reachable from some other lattice point via the tail cone.

Two simple methods for switching between rational numbers and continued fractions.

cf2rational(Vector<Integer> v)

Compute the rational number corresponding to a continued fraction.


rational2cf(Rational r)

Compute the continued fraction corresponding to a rational number r.


With these clients you can create a normal toric variety from various input data.

hirzebruch_surface(Integer r)

Takes one parameter r and returns the polyhedral fan corresponding the the Hirzebruch surface Hr.


Integer r: Parameter


polarized_toric_variety(Polytope<Rational> P, String name)

Creates a toric variety from the normal fan of a polytope and adds the defining divisor of the polytope


Polytope<Rational> P: : the input polytope

String name: : a name for the divisor


projective_space(Int d)

Takes one parameter d and returns the fan corresponding to the d-dimensional projective space.


Int d: Dimension


weighted_projective_space(Vector<Int> a)

Takes a vector a and returns the fan corresponding to the weighted projective space associated to a.


Vector<Int> a: the weights


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