Available versions of this document: latest release, release 4.12, release 4.11, release 4.10, release 4.9, release 4.8, release 4.7, release 4.6, release 4.5, release 4.4, release 4.3, release 4.2, release 4.1, release 4.0, release 3.6, release 3.5, nightly master

Reference documentation for older polymake versions: release 3.4, release 3.3, release 3.2

polymake Reference Documentation

Welcome to the polymake reference documentation for branch master. Here you can find the documentation of all objects and functions polymake has to offer. For download and installation instructions, visit the downloads page. For tutorials on usage and comprehensive examples please refer to the user guide.

For a list of all applications, big and small objects, and functions, visit the index page.

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