Polymake 4.5

Release dates:

  • 4.5: September 29th, 2021

– general –

  • various bugfixes

– interfaces –

  • support bliss >=0.76
  • extend flint interface for computations over ZZ/nZZ

– common –

  • QuadraticExtension: components may be accessed using $qe→{a,b,r}
  • fix bug giving wrong signs of determinant occasionally

– graph –

  • new property type DoublyConnectedEdgeList used for Conway notation and hyperbolic surfaces

– polytope –

  • generalized_permutahedron: introduce scalar template
  • SIM_body and pitman_stanley: special constructions of generalized permutahedra
  • gelfand_tsetlin for producing Gelfand-Tsetlin polytopes
  • change the function linear_symmetries for matrices to work not only with Rational
  • refactor the function projective_symmetries to improve speed
  • CHIROTOPE: enabled generic implementation
  • conway notation: a way to produce many 3-polytopes combinatorially
  • mps2poly and poly2mps: add new functions to read and write mps files
  • new object QuotientSpace obtained from a polytope by gluing faces
  • fix bug in minkowski_sum_fukuda that prevented termination occasionally
  • normalized_smooth_volume: Lawrence algorithm for volume of a smooth polytope

– fan –

  • replace incorrect fan::stacky_second_bsd() by correct and more efficient tropical::moduli_cell_of_curve()
  • new function stacky_fundamental_domain() for fundamental domains of group actions that permute coordinates

– tropical –

  • new type Curve<Scalar> for abstract tropical curves, with support for vertex and edge weights, marked edges, and inequalities
  • new functions moduli_cell(Curve) and moduli_space(Curve +) for gluing moduli cells of curves together
  • new functions polynomial_support(Polynomial, Vector) and polynomial_vanishes(Polynomial, Vector) for checking the vanishing of a tropical polynomial
  • tropical Voronoi diagrams refactored, added experimental code to produce list of semi-polytropes for a tropical Voronoi diagram
  • fix dehomogenization issue in set_theoretic_intersection
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